Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kitchen Remodel

I'm back with yet another remodel post on the new house.  We purchased this house well aware that we would be doing numerous renovations to it.  The first and my main priority was the kitchen.  It had light oak cabinets, with light oak floors, ugly laminate counters, and was just plain FILTHY!  It was nothing that some paint and hard work couldn't fix, but there were also some things we wanted to do to spruce it up a bit.  It was probably the standard basic level kitchen that the contracotr who built the house offered, but we wanted to make it look a bit more custom.  I will explain everything we did throughout the pictures below.

This is the kitchen looking in from the living room.  The cooking area isn't the largest, but there is a nice dining nook area and plenty of counter space as well as cabinet space.  Notice the cabinet doors on this side of the cabinets!  YUCK!  Also, the drop down of the countertop.  Again, why? YUCK!
In the dining nook were also these rotted out doors that opened awkwardly right into the dining room, which would interfere with a table that was there.
 Ugly kitchen counters with nasty sink and white appliances.  We had a vision and quickly got to work.  I will show you where we started tomorrow!


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