Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kitchen Table Updo!

Below are pictures of an antique table my husband and I purchased at an auction.  We had plans to just resell it the way it was as I loved the original look, but unfortunately buyers weren't into it.  After it sitting in our garage for 6 months, my husband finally thought something needed to be done with it.

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Here is the Before...

SEE!  Not bad at all!  I think it would have looked adorable in the perfect primitive decorated home.  Either way it didn't sell, so it had to go!

Here of late the painted white furniture with stained tops has been selling super fast, so that is what my husband decided to do and it came out beautifully!  So beautiful that I of course didn't want to sell it, but unfortunately I am running out of room in my house so it has to go!