Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fireplace Renovation

Hello there!  Since I have been on quite the blogging break, many things have happened.  I have met the man of my dreams, gotten married, and we now have purchased our first home which has turned out to be a large project.  I have many projects to share with you, as we have continued on our bargain hunting journeys throughout this renovation.  My first project that I wanted to share though is my favorite, our fireplace remodel!  Enjoy and stay tuned for many updates!  I will blogging daily for awhile as we have many projects  completed that I have yet to share and many in the works!  Happy 2014 to all!

This entire project was a DIY done for less than $1,000.  One thing I do have to mention is that my dad is a contractor  and did a majority of the labor at no cost to us.  I believe we spent around $600 for stone and grouting materials and close to $400 spent o. The wood to trim everything out and for the bead board.  

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