Monday, April 28, 2014

Thrifty Finds

I am linking up for this week's thrifty finds, because having a new house and new baby, I am always on the hunt for some good deals.  I mainly look for deals on furniture pieces as I have quite a few empty rooms in this house.

I found these thrifty finds at an auction!  Usually my husband and I go to auctions together, but this one I randomly stopped at while he was home redoing some of my other thrifty finds.  I ended up buying quite a few large pieces and had to call him and have him come and bring the truck to haul my finds away! :)

So without further adoo....

This cabinet no one wanted and the auctioneer said anyone want to give $5 for it, and up went my number!

It was an ugly peach color, but large and sturdy!  My wonderful husband painted it white and it is now a display cabinet in our living room!  Where else could I find such a cool piece for $5?!  

Right now we have the doors off on the top as it is used as a display cabinet.  Once we add some shelving to main wall, the doors will go back on.  It is a very large piece and fits in between the 2 windows perfectly!

At the same auction, I also got this dresser for 50 cents!  It was an ugly light oak color, and my husband re-painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint.  Unfortunately, I don't have a before picture of this dresser because I thought it would sit in our garage or basement for awhile.  It now has all the hardware on it and looks great in baby's nursery.

I'll be back next month with some of my other thrifty finds! 


  1. Your cabinet turned out cute! Looks much better in white. Cute dogs --->

  2. Great find and dramatic change on the cabinet! I love it!