Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Nursery renovation

Today I am writing to show one area of our home renovation.  It's not yet complete as far as decor goes, but we are almost there.  Just a bit of art work and some pieces to hang on the wall and it will be done.  For those of you new to my blog, my husband and I bought a foreclosed home back in September and renovated the entire house in just 2 short months with the help of my dad who happens to be a contractor.  We did the major things right away, but still have quite a bit to do as far as decorating and minor changes goes.  So today I will focus on the nursery.  We bought this home when we found out I was expecting our first child, so his room became a priority! (Even though he has yet to sleep in it :)). Here goes..

I don't have many before pictures of the room, but as you can see, it had cheap ugly doors.  Thin, cheap trim, and was 2 very ugly shades of green!

The room had a neutral carpet which we had planned on just getting professionally cleaned and living with in order to save money as we were on a tight budget and spent most of our budget remodeling
and renovating the downstairs.  We had also planned to just paint the doors and trims white as you
can see in the pictures below.

Once the above was completed the room looked okay and my husband brought in a dresser that he had painted in Annie Sloan chalk paint and put new hardware on to give it new life. (It was a dresser and mirror combo I had purchased at an auction for 50 cents!!!). Once that was brought in I completely changed my mind about the walls!  So next my husband put beadboard and new trim up around the room!

If you look closely at the pictures you will see he laid down cloths so as to not ruin the carpets. He put on new thicker white trim, and the room wash looking great! The next step was to get a new bedroom door and closet doors and then we could start bringing in furniture. However, I again changed my mind! Thank goodness for such a sweet husband, who I am sure wanted to just stick with the carpet, but instead went along with my crazy plan to rip up the carpet and lay new floors. He was a bit upset because he had just put up all of that new trim, but he gladly gave me the new floors that I wanted. He only requested that in the future I tell him about the new floor idea BEFORE he installs new trim! :)
Once the new floors and doors were in we began decorating with the new furniture. Like I mentioned we got the dresser for 50 cents and my husband painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint and replaced the hardware. I also was lucky in that my dad and brother custom built us the crib and bookcase for us. (I have previous posts on both of those items) now our nursery is just as I had picture in my head. I am so thankful for my laid back handy husband who is always willing to carry out my visions. If you have any questions where things were purchased feel free to ask questions in the comments!

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  1. Wow! This room came such a long way! I love the calming palette you chose.