Sunday, July 27, 2014

July's Thrifty Finds

This July I have found a few treasures at various sales.  Some items are up for resale and can be found at my etsy store or you can find them on Instagram at 4allthingsvintage

Some of the items I have found however are furniture and lighting pieces that will be used somewhere in my home.  Stay tuned for how we revamp these pieces!  I am hoping my husband will begin working on them soon, but he unfortunately had a gout flare up this weekend that left him couch bound. :(. I am hoping by next weekend I will have posted those refinished stay tuned!  But for now here is what I have found this month!

These light fixtures for $2 a I have already repainted in the cream color below. One will go above our kitchen sink, and one above our master bath tub!

This fixture below was $10 at a garage sale but I liked it and thought it would look great hanging above our front door. 

These ledgers were an AWESOME find.  I got them for $5 a piece from an estate sale.  There were 2 of them and they were from the 1840's!  They had a lot of information in them and a lot of prestigious  family names from northern Ohio, so I actually sold them to a local museum (not for much).  But I thought they belonged there and the curator was so excited when he saw them and said these ledgers would tell so much about the building of canals and things in the area!  I just loved the handwriting in them!  Just gorgeous!

The items below were things I came across at various sales that I liked and thought would be great items to resell, but, if they don't, I loved them all and will gladly keep them! :)

These dressers were $5 each and we have great plans for them. We are replacing the hardware and repainting them using the Annie Sloan chalk paint. The cabinet was $25 and we plan to fix that up as well, putting chicken wire in the doors and using it as a linen cabinet to house my array of vintage linens! Remember, all items are for sale, just feel free to ask! (That is, if I don't get too attached) :)


  1. Wow! I'm visiting from Southern Hospitality. You found some GREAT treasures! I thought I did good to find a light fixture for 40 bucks! I need to shop in your area! I can't wait to see how the dresser turns out!
    Shelia @ House of Highlands.

    1. Thank you! It is always hit or miss in my area! Sometimes I find things super cheap and some places are waaaay overpriced! Obviously, I go for the super cheap stuff! It often has blemishes but my husband is pretty handy and always finds a way to cover them up. For example the dressers have a veneer top and there are big chunks missing, but he just used some wood filler to fill them in and then we will paint over them. I think for $5 bucks they will make great bedside tables, and I can always put a lamp or books over the rough spots! :). Come back to see their transformations! :)